17-Year-Old Dies in Michigan


The online newspaper of Monroe County, Michigan ran a story yesterday about Michael Crowder III, who died after inhaling computer duster in early December. He was found by his grandmother in the bathroom with a bag, the cleaner, and a belt. His mother said that she talked to her son many times about drugs. She told him about teenagers smoking pot and even snorting cocaine. But they never really … [Read more...]

Huffing man crashes into Special Ed bus


A man was charged with three counts of vehicular assault and driving under the influence after he crashed into a special education school bus in Tennessee on Friday. The driver, 20-year-old Justin White, had been huffing before the accident occurred. Two of the students on the bus were taken to the hospital, as well as all four passengers in Justin's car. The bus was making a turn when it was … [Read more...]

Arrest for DUI, Hit and Run


A 16-year-old driver crashed into a wall after huffing Dust-Off in Somona, California on Tuesday. She and her two friends then fled the scene, leading officers on a search after which they were found and taken into custody. The driver was arrested for DUI, driving without a license, and hit and run. A passenger was arrested for possession of an inhalant with intent to inhale. As your kids … [Read more...]

Son reports mother’s huffing to police


RUMFORD - Police say a Rumford woman's attempt to catch a buzz from inhaling aerosol spray made them crack open their law books to find a charge to fit the crime. The woman's 16-year-old son turned her into the cops last week. It was the first such incident for Rumford police, Sgt. David Bean said Tuesday afternoon. He said her son told police about his mom's huffing - inhaling - … [Read more...]


An Ephrata man's bus ride to Manheim Township on Wednesday morning turned into a foot chase, a scuffle and finally an arrest in a store parking lot, police said. Gene L. Engle Jr., 45, of Lily Drive, was reportedly "huffing," or inhaling substances, on a Red Rose Transit Authority bus as it traveled along the 1900 block of Fruitville Pike around 8:30, police said. After Engle and others got … [Read more...]