Why Huffing is Dangerous 


What is Huffing?

Canned Air has long been used for "huffing". Deaths and serious injuries related to "huffing" or "dusting"-the practice of inhaling canned air to "get high"-are on the rise among tweens, teens and adults, alike, since the product is readily available for purchase. Ingesting canned air can lead to paralysis, serious injuries to internal organs and even death.
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How is Canned Air contributing to Huffing?

Air dusters, known commonly as Canned Air, are part of a group of household chemicals that are inhaled for a hallucinogenic, mind-altering high. The high is short, which often leads to repeated inhaling of these toxic chemicals. The ease of obtaining inhalants like air dusters, and the serious effects of huffing, are why parents need to discuss with their children the dangers of inhaling air dusters

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I haven’t heard of this. How prevalent is it?

Unfortunately, deaths from inhaling Dust-Off have occurred. In a letter dated July 28, 2005, the CEO of Falcon (the manufacturer of Dust-Off), acknowledging the dangers of inhalation abuse, expressed his condolences to family members who have lost loved ones to this problem. By the time adolescents reach the eighth grade; one in five has tried inhalants at least once.
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