Huffing man crashes into Special Ed bus

A man was charged with three counts of vehicular assault and driving under the influence after he crashed into a special education school bus in Tennessee on Friday. The driver, 20-year-old Justin White, had been huffing before the accident occurred. Two of the students on the bus were taken to the hospital, as well as all four passengers in Justin’s car. The bus was making a turn when it was struck from behind, overturning into the intersection. Said one of the officers,

“To be honest with you, when I first got there and saw the magnitude of the damage right there in the front of that car, a lot of times when you’ve got a vehicles with that much damage, you’re looking for a fatality,” said Murfreesboro police Officer Terry Spence.

The inhalant was revealed to be a computer duster, which is by far the most prevalent substance to be abused in accidents such as these.


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